Beeches Primary win Silver at the POSCARS '17

The Beeches Primary, one of Think IT's cloud based schools, created three short films about the schools' 6 core values. The aim was to take the films to the Peterborough Oscars (POSCARS) and hopefully bring back an award....

Are you making the right cloud computing decision?

All schools are currently feeling the financial pinch; escalating restrictions on IT budgets and the the ongoing evolution of edtech mean that schools need to find ways to save money. Sadly, what we are seeing in many schools is a series of decisions that are actually leading to greater medium to longer term expenditure Here are the reasons why so many schools are now moving to the cloud.

Is Finland better than us at giving children 21st Century skills?

Finland is experimenting with new ways to teach children the skills to survive and thrive in the 21st Century. This involves re-thinking how and what it teaches by putting project- or phenomenon-based learning (PBL) at the heart of learning, replacing traditional subject based learning.

What's your 3 year IT strategy?

When I ask schools “what’s your 3 year IT strategy?” they can’t usually answer because 9 out of 10 schools don’t have one. Especially in times of shrinking budgets, having the right IT strategy can save you from making reactive, poor and expensive IT decisions. Get your free School/MAT IT Strategy here...

Stay above tech-tonic plates with The Cloud

Schools have already seen signs of tech-tonic change in the movement to cloud technologies by the big players. But schools can make this digital disruption work for them and their communities. Logical strategies are essential and the first thing they should do is get their heads out of the clouds — and into the cloud.

The Swinton High School - Fully Managed Service

The Swinton High School, an 11-16 comprehensive, was the first Converter Academy in Salford in 2011. The site is a mixture of old and new buildings, and with over £3.3m invested over the last few years it now boasts some of the best learning facilities in the area.

Outcomes Framework Description

A blank ICT Outcomes Framework template you can use yourself. It's designed to help you get all of your key stakeholder groups behind your ICT strategy.


Airhead is the open cloud desktop for learning and teaching.