Airhead is the open cloud desktop for learning and teaching.

Airhead @ Westwood and Iford Primary School

Ian is using Airhead to share educational resources with teachers, parents and pupils.

Airhead @ Riders Infant & Junior Schools

Riders Infant & Junior Schools are federated with a combined total of 420 pupils.

Airhead @ Preston Lodge High School

Preston Lodge High School is a comprehensive state secondary school in Scotland with a strong vision for developing learning and teaching.

Airhead @ The Swinton High School

Paul Turner, Assistant Head of The Swinton High School, talks about how Airhead has transformed teaching and learning.

Trust - the most important commodity in education ICT

The most important commodity in education ICT is not hardware, it’s not software, it’s trust. How do you know that what you’re spending you precious, limited budget on will work and you’re not getting ripped off? At a time of squeezed budgets, our experience shows that schools are facing 4 big challenges when it comes to buying technology. Overcoming those challenges is important, not only to get value for money, but to ensure that what you’re buying enhances teaching and learning, helps not hinders, and makes sure you stay on the right side of the law.

What's your 3 year IT strategy?

When I ask schools “what’s your 3 year IT strategy?” they can’t usually answer because 9 out of 10 schools don’t have one. Especially in times of shrinking budgets, having the right IT strategy can save you from making reactive, poor and expensive IT decisions. Get your free School/MAT IT Strategy here...

Are you making the right cloud computing decision?

All schools are currently feeling the financial pinch; escalating restrictions on IT budgets and the the ongoing evolution of edtech mean that schools need to find ways to save money. Sadly, what we are seeing in many schools is a series of decisions that are actually leading to greater medium to longer term expenditure Here are the reasons why so many schools are now moving to the cloud.