To "improve teaching and learning outcomes through technology" we do three things for you:



We help you work out what you want and need from your IT investment.  The majority of schools don't have an IT strategy and that can lead to reactive and poor investment decisions.  If you base your technology purchases on the OUTCOMES you want for your learners, staff, parents, governors and other stakeholders, you'll make better investment choices.  See article on how to create your 3 Year IT Strategy here.



Practically all modern software is cloud-based.  The benefits of cloud solutions include: anytime, anywhere, any device access; cost savings; always up-to-date software; increased collaboration; and enhanced teaching and learning.  We have the widest possible range of cloud solutions, from online learning content to cashless catering, classroom management to E-safety, mobile device management to VoIP (internet telephony). To see the full range of cloud-based solutions click here.  

If you don't have the in-house skills, or you need to save time and money on running all or part of your IT services, we can take care of that for you. We work with you to see what you already have, what you want, how you want to work, and then make recommendations that suit your specific circumstances.  To see a case study on the fully managed service we implemented at The Swinton High School click here.



You need equipment to run cloud-based solutions. Tablets, notebooks, laptops, PCs, AV equipment, multi-function printers copiers or scanners - whatever your technology requirements, the Think IT partners have been selected to provide the very best quality products and the most favourable pricing.  Go to our online portal to get a quote for whatever you need.

Having a fast, robust, reliable wireless network is essential for all schools, colleges and universities.  It is impossible to deliver cloud solutions without it. Not only can we ensure that your wireless network is fit for purpose using some of the biggest global suppliers, to help spread the cost we can provide it on a quarterly payments basis with our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering.  Submit your connectivity, wifi or networking requirements through online portal to receive a personalised quote.