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BrainPOP is a world class trusted learning resource covering all core subjects, reaching thousands of schools around the globe.


BrainPOP Jr. (KS1/2), BrainPOP (ages KS2/3), and BrainPOP ESL (English as a second language learners) are award winning, whole school learning resources shaped by millions of hours of use by students and teachers in diverse learning settings.

BrainPOP’s animated digital materials engage via narrative, humour, and characters who speak in a voice children can relate to, encouraging self-directed learning, and further exploration of the world around them.

BrainPOP also contains challenging, multi-dimensional tasks and games that call upon systems thinking and cognitive skills like categorisation, sequencing, and close reading — without disrupting learner engagement. The ‘My BrainPOP’ assessment and data dashboards provide teachers with insights, facilitate feedback, and help guide future instruction.


“We’ve seen a real difference in terms of how children engage with their learning and particularly in them wanting to explore and learn more. I personally don’t think there is anything better to encourage fun, substantial, and real learning.”

Sarah Wright, Longton Lane Primary


Carefully vetted games, simulations, and coding exercises from the world’s leading learning game designers let students tackle complex concepts, take on different roles, collaborate, and strengthen their systems thinking skills in the game environment. Trial, error, and even failure become safe paths to learning.

“It’s a superb online resource bank covering an extensive range of curriculum areas. A particular benefit is its ability to be accessed from both school and home and school and its multi-device compatibility. It’s a great way to introduce new learning experiences and topics or to extend children’s curiosity in other areas not covered in your curriculum”

Martyn Soulsby Leadership Team & Computing at School Master Teacher North Lakes School

  • Short topic based animations will motivate your class, and high quality interactive learning games and activities will help your students master curriculum concepts
  • Flexible teacher tools allow endless possibilities for differentiation and targeted student support
  • Blended assessment, tracking, and feedback tools give you the right data to show progress and understanding
  • BrainPOP is mapped to the national curriculum for England & Wales, Scotland's Curriculum for Excellence
  • We support teachers with an array of non-prescriptive resources shaped by our relationships with educators: lesson ideas; differentiation strategies; game-based learning implementation tips; custom and formative assessment tools; help for English language learners; class-wide insights, training and professional development; and much more.
“BrainPOP’s a truly unique resource that’s clear, concise and heaps of fun. I think it’s a brilliant classroom tool for engaging kids, and encourage our staff to use it whenever possible. We are a 1:1 iPad school, and the BrainPOP app is already on their ‘essential downloads’ list.”

Ian Pittman Head of IT & Innovation

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