ITGL is an award-winning consultancy, passionate about helping Further and Higher Education institutions adapt and thrive in the constantly changing digital environment.

We apply Cisco world-leading networking, communication, and security technologies to create a digital campus environment that responds seamlessly to the needs of students and staff. By using technology in a more people-centric way, we help to improve their wellbeing and enhance the reputation of the institution. This is the Intuitive Campus.

The Future of Education


Creating a better learning environment

Improve attainment and retention by empowering students with secure remote access to lectures, study groups, and course material, regardless of device or location.

Enhancing the campus experience

Active monitoring and analytics, providing updates to timetables, on campus route maps, and room availability, all in real time. Easily discover parking spaces and quiet times in the canteen.

Smart building and facilities management

Safety, security, and environmental impacts all significantly improved through smart monitoring of the estate.

Why Cisco?

For over thirty years, Cisco has been the global leader of networking technology, continually innovating and setting the pace of digital enhancement. Cisco technology has been at the heart of campus transformations, worldwide.

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