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Updated: Aug 22, 2019

What's it like working with Think IT?

We've been working with Janine and the rest of the team at Heathlands Primary School to improve the effectiveness of their IT. We asked Janine a few questions about what it's like working with Think IT. Here's what she said...

Name: Janine Heale

Job Title: Teaching Assistant Cover and IT Lead

School name: Heathlands Primary School and Foundation Unit

School description: Primary School and Foundation Unit; Mansfield; Nottinghamshire; 158 children; 25 staff

How did you hear about Think IT?

"I attended a Think IT launch event organised by my Local Authority."

How did Think IT help you?

"We use Think IT Framework to purchase: IT Support Services; Broadband solutions and products such as laptops, server and licensing. Think IT completed a Readiness Assessment of our school to help us develop the outcomes we want for our pupils, staff, parents and governors. Think IT produced a detailed report giving recommendations to implement across our school. We have regular follow up meetings with Think IT to support and implement these recommendations."

Can you estimate how much time and money Think IT saved you?

"Think IT have saved us weeks worth of time to support us with purchasing services and products. We have roughly saved about £6,500 when purchasing these services through Think IT."

How Would you describe the service you received from Think IT?

"Think IT provide a friendly, honest service that gives us confidence that the services and products we buy are suited to our infrastructure. They save us time and money. Services are explained in a non-confusing manner and no question is ever too silly! Support and services are provided efficiently and effectively that suits our school needs and budget."

Out of 5 how would you rate Think IT?

"5/5. We would use Think IT again for any products, solutions or services that our school needs."

How likely are you to recommend Think IT to other schools?

"We highly recommend Think IT and their services, products and solutions to other schools."

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